Accelerate Your Climb to the Summit with Programmatic Job Advertising

In this competitive talent landscape, the growth of your organization depends on your ability to reach, attract, and engage the best candidates.

At ProIQ, we partner with you to understand your unique talent attraction challenges and develop the optimal job advertising strategy for your business. Our trailblazing programmatic team ensures your jobs reach the right candidates – cost effectively and with greater impact – with highly targeted, data-focused and automated advertising buying and placement.

What is Programmatic Job Advertising?

Programmatic job advertising is the buying, placing, and optimizing of job ads by technology instead of people. In simple terms, programmatic job advertising puts your jobs in front of your ideal candidates on the right job sites at the best times.

Programmatic job advertising doesn’t eliminate the human element, it leverages technology to make cost-effective and time-efficient job ad spend decisions to ensure you get the highest ROI for your job advertising budget.

How Programmatic Job Advertising Helps You Achieve New Heights

Our recruitment advertising trailblazers partner with you to understand your goals and objectives then develop a tailored programmatic strategy that helps you reach peak performance. With ProIQ’s programmatic job advertising solution, you’ll strengthen your job advertising and generate a compelling ROI with:

  • Precision Job Ad Targeting
  • Pay for Performance
  • More Flexibility & Control
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Centralized Job Distribution
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Rule-Based, Real-Time Bid Management
  • Consolidated Bidding
  • Smarter Spending & Better Budgeting
  • Rich, Actionable Analytics

How Does Programmatic Job Advertising Work?

Leveraging technology, programmatic job advertising eliminates the inefficient processes and excess spending that’s common at companies. Recruitment advertisers use data analytics, real-time bidding, campaign optimization, and targeted job ads to target the right people for your jobs without all the excess, wasted spend.

ProIQ’s programmatic advertising team uses targeted bidding across hundreds of job boards to ensure your hard-to-fill jobs are in front of the right candidates, so your advertising budget is allocated to the jobs that need applicants, not those that already have enough candidates. With our in-depth analytics and performance reports, you can see the performance of each job posting and job board/publisher – clicks, applies, cost per click/application, conversion rates – by city, state, day, etc.

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Web Design and Development

Website design is the foundation for your business’s online presence. To make a memorable first impression, your website needs captivating website design, engaging storytelling, and an exceptional user experience for your audience. At ProIQ, we help you stand out from the competition, engage your target audience, and bring your brand to life with compelling website design and development. We partner with you to turn your website vision into reality whether you need a brochure website, eCommerce store, HIPAA-compliant modules, online payment processing, shipping integrations, pricing calculators, or custom back-end development.

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Paid Media Advertising (PPC)

Paid media or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the quickest strategies to generate leads for your business. Paid media advertising allows you to target qualified prospects where they’re searching and continue to put your ads in front of them after they’ve visited your website. The ProIQ team partners with you to deliver customized PPC campaign strategies for paid search, paid social, and display advertising and management to help you generate revenue, increase conversions, and grow your business. Our services include strategy audits, keyword research and campaign development, budget management and forecasting, device level creative and bid optimizations.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Visibility on top search engines is vital to driving more traffic to your website and improving your online presence. Our SEO services include several different SEO strategies, such as on-page, off-page, technical, and local SEO, that all work together to improve your website’s rankings on the search engines. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. The ProIQ team partners with you to develop and implement successful SEO strategies to improve the quality of your organic traffic and help your target audience find you online. Our services include strategy audits, competitor analysis, keyword research, SEO optimizations, content implementation, and ongoing reporting.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a fast and efficient way to drive your business to the top. You need to generate exciting content to capture your audience and keep them engaged. The ProIQ team works with you to build captivating experiences for your audience that will generate engagement and brand awareness. We will develop social media marketing strategies that will create a community and serve as a support channel for your customers. Our services include developing paid social media campaigns, performance analysis across all social media platforms, strategies to drive brand awareness, and generating unique and engaging content for all platforms.

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Content Marketing

Quality content is king. It takes compelling and thoughtful content to hold your audience’s attention. Content is crucial for generating traffic, nurturing leads, converting customers, and creating brand loyalty. The ProIQ team partners with you to develop content strategy that delivers. We coordinate with you to craft attention-capturing content and optimize scheduling. Starting with the buyer’s journey, we work to understand and map how your customers interact with your business, so we can focus our efforts where they matter. Then, we create content: blogs, landing pages, infographics and more — all optimized for SEO and conversions.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an important tool designed to streamline and simplify the most time-consuming responsibilities in the modern marketing world. The ProIQ team coordinates with you to craft and implement a digital marketing strategy without having to manually press “OK” on every piece of content you create or send. We work with you to create a strategy that allows you to nurture prospects with highly personalized and useful content that will convert them into happy customers. Our services include planning, implementing, and optimizing marketing automation to deliver cost effective and high impact campaigns to your audience.

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Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a crucial component for a sales team and provides them with the resources they need to close more deals. These resources mean the sales team can sell your product or service to customers more effectively. The ProIQ team partners with you to empower your sales team with interactive and trackable content they can access. We assist you in developing a personalized and informative experience for your buyers and ensure that all sales representatives have the most on-brand current content. Our services also include creating centralized locations for content, analyses of usage and effectiveness, and controlling content messaging, branding, and distribution.

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Branding & Content

Branding is the big game plan. It is the articulation of who your brand is and who it aspires to be. A brand strategy is a plan that outlines company goals and how to achieve them. This means understanding your brand’s core identity and ecosystem. Who are you? Who do you want to be? ProIQ teams with you to answer these questions, generate content that is in line with your brand’s identity and speaks to who your company is and is striving to be. Our services include articulating your core brand and messaging, auditing your content, creating personas, and aiding in understanding brand positioning.

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